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FrackingSENSE Discussion at CU

Wednesday, April 08, 2015, 06:30pm


The Return of FrackingSENSE! with Anthony Ingraffea

What are the opportunities, challenges, rewards and burdens presented to academics who enter the conflict-rich terrain of unconventional oil and gas development? What is the underlying benefit to society when professors make different choices between taking a position or serving as referee on a controversial issue?

April 8, 6:30 p.m. at Math 100, University of Colorado Boulder

A conversation between Anthony Ingraffea, Cornell University and influential "Talking Head" in Josh Fox's "Gaslasland," and Professor Patty Limerick.

You might not know or recall Dr. Ingraffea’s name from Gasland I and Gasland II.  In Gasland I, Dr. Ingraffea makes the claim that shale gas causes more air pollution than coal   In Gasland II, Dr. Ingraffea makes a claim that the vast majority of shale gas wells leak, using a study involving old 1970’s vintage GOM wells.  That’s right, not a single, modern shale gas well is included in the graph depicted in Gasland II.  Here’s a link to an Energy In Depth analysis of Gasland 2 (look for the section labeled “Methane “Leaks” and Climate Change”  
It is literally a discussion between Dr. Limerick and Dr. Ingraffea.  They will address written questions from audience members.

Here’s a map showing the location of the Mathematics Building.  It is located just west of the Engineering Center along Colorado Avenue, before you get to Duane Physics and Folsom Field.  Parking is free after 5:00 PM in the Engineering Center parking lot off Regent Drive (just east of the Engineering Center).

Contact:   Jessica Brawner
Event ID: 162