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CHRISTIAN POLITICS: Misnomer or Mission Field?

Saturday, August 29, 2015, 06:00pm


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You are invited to dinner to listen to Oklahoma Republican Senator Nathan Dahm speak and answer questions on God and government, dealing with issues like:
* Should Christians be engaged politically?
* Can the power of one move a nation?
* What are your Constitutional rights?
* What do the Bible and the Constitution say
about self-defense and your right to bear arms?

Dinner and the event are free; bring your friends and
family! Please RSVP for dinner by emailing:

Branden interned for Senator Dahm in Oklahoma last year and is pleased to have the Senator visiting Colorado and speaking in several cities around the State.  Don't miss him while he's in Longmont! 

The event will be held in a private facility in north-eastern Boulder County.  Please RSVP to for the address and directions to the facility.

More on Senator Dahm:
Senator Nathan Dahm spent his childhood years in Broken Arrow, OK, and in 1994 moved with his parents to the Eastern European nation of Romania to serve as missionaries. 

Upon returning home to America, Nathan became actively involved in the Tulsa County Republican Party and has served on the Executive Committee, as a Precinct Chair and Vice-chair, and as the President of the Tulsa Area Republican Assembly. 

As a Constitutional Conservative Republican, Nathan draws heavily from his experiences in post-communist Romania to inform people of the failures, perils, and evils of socialism. 

Nathan is one of the few homeschool graduates to ever serve in the Oklahoma Senate. He has served on numerous senate committees, including General Government, Finance, Veterans & Military Affairs, and Business & Commerce. During the last legislative session, Senator Dahm was voted by his caucus to be a Majority Whip, and was named as Chair of the General Government Committee.

To see Senator Dahm in action: 

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Please Note:  No political parties or candidates, including Senator Dahm, received or dispersed any money to arrange or advertise this event.

Location:   RSVP to have address and map emailed to you.
Event ID: 211