Each day, we awake expecting things to be the same as they were the night before.  That's normal.  But things are always changing - darkness gives way to light, people get older, and each person's current situation changes.  We deal with the changes and that's normal.

America's current situation dictates that we are on the cusp of a new normal.  Like Colorado's September floods, the situation started slowly, was totally improbable (an average year's worth of rain in a week), and left all of us dealing with a new normal.  At the least, some valleys and streams have been permanently altered.  Bridges and roads were washed out and some of us had to find new routes to and from our homes.  Some people's homes are partially or totally gone.  Some people lost land, livestock, pets and at worst, family members.

There are two American Dreams right now, and they cannot exist simultaneously.  One is the old-fashioned American Dream, where under the Constitution's protection of each individual's natural rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, America became the most peaceful and prosperous nation on earth.  Knowing that all people are created equal and are to be equally protected under the law, we were free to dream and to work to achieve our dreams.

The other is the Dream of a Socialist Utopia, with the promise "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need."  With this government, an elite few decide which laws must be observed by whom and how much of what each person earns they will be allowed to keep.  Since this government must divide the population, taking by force from some and giving unearned to others, there is no "normal" Socialist, and no security in person or property.  Like Detroit, the society atrophies and the entire civilization is ruined. 

Figuratively, it is raining Socialism in America.  What started as a little bending of the laws, under the auspices of helping a few at the cost of others, has resulted in a federal budget with the majority of spending going towards "mandatory" programs which were improbable under the Constitution.  The Socialists are converting the public schools into indoctrination factories - basic education has been forfeited to the churning out of O-bots who are ready to fight against their parents for their messiah.  The media, once dedicated to announcing facts, now broadcasts their propaganda.  Law abiding citizens are treated as criminals and criminals are rewarded with more power.  Fear paralyzes would-be entrepreneurs and injustice frustrates the workers.  The flood has started - it is already destroying the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

The question is - what kind of flood will it be?  Will it be a flood of debt and regulation, drowning out freedom and opportunity and increasing the cost of energy and production to the point where we're washed back to the days of bare subsistence living?  Will we succumb to the force of tyrants who are corrupting governments at all levels?  Will the American Dream be wiped from the face of the earth because of evil leadership and citizen's apathy?

Or will it be a mighty flood of freedom, fed by the Reign of God?  Will each American individual stand up and unite to restore this Republic - this One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL?  Will we restore our country to the peace, security and prosperity that can only be had in a society of moral citizens under just laws?

The type of destruction we will experience depends largely on where and when we decide to put our efforts.  If we decide to work now, we must work to destroy and remove the man-made impediments to the flow of freedom's blessings.  If we decide to wait and clean up after the Socialist flood has changed the course of America, then we will have abdicated our right to choose, and we will live like the serfs in all other Communist countries.

As Americans, we can choose to wait for the worst or to work for the best.  Right now, that's normal.

Peg Cage, Past President, Longmont Republican Women
Chairman, Boulder County Movie Nights