I apologized to my children.  We had what may have been our one final chance to peacefully elect a president who might have slowed the rush to Socialism, and we blew it.

I’ve had some time now to converse with people I know and to have casual conversations with strangers, and it seems the one thing familiar to all of the conversations is a statement like “What the Republicans need to do is…”

The problem, as I see it, is not with “The Republicans”, but with the people of the Republic.1 Samuel 17:3 is a Bible verse that has changed the way I think about this.  “The Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another, with the valley between them.”

We can easily see the Democrats “occupying”. They’ve had an AGENDA, and now occupy the entire education system. Generations of Democrats, using the taxes taken from the nation’s producers, under the guise of teaching the children to become productive citizens, have created an army of Democrats.  They are caring, big-hearted people who have been convinced that it is “social justice” to take the earnings of one person and redistribute it to someone who can’t (or won’t) earn a living for themselves. They therefore vote to perpetuate “legalized plunder”.  Unfortunately, most people who now call themselves Democrats don’t even realize that their Party has been subverted by operatives who are abusing their trust to socialize this Republic.  Even more unfortunately, a lot of Democrats actually believe that living under Socialism would be better than in a Free Market Republic.

Republicans, on the other hand, go to work.  They believe that they are responsible for taking care of their families and that if they work very hard, they may be able to provide more for their families and their chosen charitable causes. They believe that all Americans (even those “educating” their children) are working towards the same goal with the same motives.  They believe that by going to the polls and electing Republicans, they have done their political duty – and they go back to work. They assume that the “R” after the candidate’s name guarantees their values will be represented in that public office.  So the Republicans go back to work, thinking that the representative is also working, now on the behalf of the electorate.  Republicans forget that the Democrats have educated most of the representatives.

And so the solution, as I see it, is for Republicans to occupy.  We must realize that WE ARE THE PARTY.  We must realize that our government no longer makes laws as a collective, protecting the rights of all individuals, but it is now a perverted force, taking what it wants from members of the weaker political party and giving to those in the stronger.  If we ever again want to live in a Republic – One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for ALL, then WE MUST OCCUPY THE GOVERNMENT!  We will not live in a nation with just laws unless we live in a nation with a just government.

It is no longer enough to just vote.

You must educate yourself.  What is THE AGENDA?Are you being represented or enslaved by your government?  Are your children being taught or indoctrinated?  Do you realize that your government has already spent or allocated all the money you’ll ever make in your lifetime?  Do you realize that all you really own in a country of unjust laws is your time, and that you must use your time NOW to undo the strongholds of this unjust government, because Socialists don’t even own their time?

Is your time better spent making money?  Good.  Then support the people who want to spend their time building and occupying the Republican Party.

“The Philistines occupied one hill and the Israelites another, with the valley between them.”  David finally showed up and killed Goliath, and the Israelites who had occupied their hill then routed the Philistines.  Republicans must begin occupying their rightful positions as citizens of the greatest country in the world.  Then, and only then, can a “David” show up and win an election and lead this country well.

My friend, a reporter for our local newspaper, knew I was disheartened about the election results and asked if I was going to give up.  I told him – and you may make this quote your own – “You don’t give up when you’re right.” There is a lot to be done, and there are things that you are uniquely gifted to do, so, to quote another friend, “PICK SOMETHING AND DO IT!”  May God have Mercy on and Bless America!