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Our Founding Document Is As Radical Now As It Was In 1776

As we sip beer and watch fireworks this 4th of July, think of all the freedoms we enjoy: the freedom to speak our mind, to pray in a church we choose or not pray at all, to keep what we produce, to vote fellow citizens into or out of government office. No people ever have enjoyed the freedoms we have.
Further, think of all the good Americans have accomplished. They instituted the first real government authorized entirely by the consent of the governed. They provided strict protection for property rights in their fundamental law. They solved the problem of religious persecution. They ended slavery at unimaginable costs in blood and money and sacrifice.
The result of the American venture in self-government is the most prosperous, innovative, free society ever known. So while you bark at your smart phone because web pages load too slowly, or complain that your favorite gourmet cupcake shop has moved locations, think of how all these wonderful things came to be. They came because of a few simple, yet radical ideas articulated most beautifully in our own Declaration of Independence:

Look what I found!  Quoted below, un-edited, is an old document that eloquently cuts to the heart of the principles of freedom, the assaults against it, and the steps that must be taken to revive it.  I hope you’ll take the time to read it; it’s only about 3,000 words long, including all the signatures at the end.  As you read it, consider that these very words formed the foundation, along with our United States Constitution, that allows us to overthrow our ruling political party every two to four years peacefully at the ballot box. 

We will have to use some of our time and money, and we may have to endure some condescending remarks and bad press from the other party; but our very lives and fortunes will probably not be endangered – as were the lives and fortunes of the men who signed this document.  Consider also what your life would be like without this freedom and what you are willing to sacrifice to make sure that this upcoming election is not the last one in American history where the ballot box is the only weapon used.       

I’m sure you’ve heard of this document before – we call it our


It wasn't much of a prayer, but apparently, it worked.  She skidded to a stop, stood up and brushed at her jeans - while the boys in the small truck she had just fallen out of completed the left-hand turn in front of me and pulled over on the side of the road to pick her up.

My light turned green and I drove across the intersection and pulled to a stop behind them.


The boys were using the name as an expletive.  They nervously shoved their long hair out of their eyes - more for the sake of doing something with their hands than trying to see.  They looked like they were trying to shake themselves out of a bad dream - dumbfounded that their friend was just standing there, unhurt.

Wide-eyed, they came over to my car window.  "Jesus Christ!" they said at me.

"That's right", I agreed, "Jesus Christ protected your friend - there were angels all over her!"

There was no other explanation for it.  As the truck turned, the door opened and out she came - her legs straight out in front of her and her arms straight out to the sides.  She glided like that across the center turn lane and two traffic lanes and came to a gentle stop just before the curb at the far corner of the intersection.  By all rights, she should have rolled and scraped the skin off her bare arms, then cracked her skull on the curb.  But she just stood up and walked over to her friends near my car window.  Not a scratch.  Her jeans didn't even look like she had been sitting on the dirty street, much less sliding on it! It was truly a miracle.