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Eighteen years ago, I called my mother to let her know that we had pulled our daughter out of her private school and planned to start home-schooling her.

“No!” was her reply.  I wasn’t smart enough.  I should let the experts educate her. 

My high school diploma and one year of college didn’t qualify me to teach an eight year old – even my own little eight year old, who I knew better than any one else.  So what good was the education I’d received from the “experts”?

But this thing was more than my opinion verses my mom’s.  This was the first big assignment God had for my husband and me after we’d realized that He is real and that He actually wants to be involved in our lives.  God already had everything in place for us – a group of home-school friends, a solid Bible teaching church, and a desperate conviction of our need to do this for our daughter, and eventually for our son, also.

My mom became a home-school advocate and my biggest fan after a year of receiving weekly hand-written letters from the kids.  She could see the steady improvement of their penmanship and use of the English language.  She read about the things we were doing and the adventures we had.  When she came to visit, she got involved by teaching art classes to our group of home-school kids.