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    Submitted to John Fryar, Longmont Times Call and Boulder Daily Camera reporter on 11-26-16 12:22 p.m.

    Response to Boulder County Clerk’s Final Official Results Available for 2016 General

  • SCC - KEEP THE REPUBLIC 9-17 - Cage's Corner

    Statement from Peg Cage, Chairman Boulder County Republicans (BCR)

    Colorado GOP SCC, Please Opt Out of the Unconstitutional “Semi-Open” Primary.  

    September 20, 2017

    “….a Republic - if you can keep it,” responded Dr.

  • Memorial Day Material - Cage's Corner

    This Memorial Day found me in the home that my Dad and his lovely wife share.  Dad and Mom lived here together for many years before Mom’s death from cancer in 2008.  Many things in the home are just the way Mom left them, thanks to the

  • My Post-election Ponderings - Cage's Corner

    I apologized to my children.  We had what may have been our one final chance to peacefully elect a president who might have slowed the rush to Socialism, and we blew it.

    I’ve had some time now to converse with people I know and to have

  • Independence Day Message from Thomas Krannawitter - Cage's Corner

    Our Founding Document Is As Radical Now As It Was In 1776

    As we sip beer and watch fireworks this 4th of July, think of all the freedoms we enjoy: the freedom

  • A Fast, Hard Left Turn - Cage's Corner


    It wasn't much of a prayer, but apparently, it worked.  She skidded to a stop, stood up and brushed at her jeans - while the boys in the small truck she had just fallen out of completed the

  • A Lesson on Freedom - Cage's Corner

    A re-run "Cage's Corner" from Saturday, May 21, 2011

    It’s 4:30 in the morning and there’s a line from a song repeating in my head.  It’s the simple phrase “Wake up to reality”.

    In the past two days, Don and I have been to 3

  • In Prison - Cage's Corner

    I’m writing this from prison.  My crime was my silence.  The long, narrow room has dirty concrete floors and once-white walls, marred with the fingerprints of many of the thousands of people who were here before me.  Seven unmatched

  • Lessons from Home Schooling - Cage's Corner

    Eighteen years ago, I called my mother to let her know that we had pulled our daughter out of her private school and planned to start home-schooling her.

    “No!” was her reply.  I wasn’t smart enough.  I should let the experts educate