We are a group of women in the Longmont, Colorado area who actively promote the conservative values of the Republican Party.

Are you interested in learning more about local or state politics? Would you like to meet the candidates and hear about the initiatives involved in upcoming elections? Would you like to network with other conservative hard-chargers? Come talk with us. Join us at a Monthly Meeting or at any of our "Special Events" or contact any of the officers.

Meetings and Special Events

Please see the calendar for the upcoming meetings and special events.  We typically hold our official Monthly Meeting the third Thursday of each month from September to May but this can change, so please see the calendar.  The Monthly Meeting is usually a luncheon though some are dinners.  All include a special guest speaker and plenty of time for visiting with other attendees.  Guests are welcome.

Membership Requirements

  • Currently registered Republican
  • Endorse the bylaws and objectives of the LRW, CFRW, and NFRW
  • Pay Full Membership Dues to LRW, CFRW, and NFRW (Associate Memberships also available. See below.)

Member Benefits Include

  • Events including the Monthly Meetings with guest speakers
  • Membership in the CFRW and NFRW (Full Membership only)
  • Voting rights, e.g. for officers, expenditures, action plans (Full Membership only)

Membership Dues

  • A Membership Year is Jan.1 through Dec. 31.
  • We offer Full Memberships and Associate Memberships.  An Associate Member is someone who is a Full Member of another Republican Women Club or a gentleman who wishes to support and participate in club activities.
  • Full Membership:  $40 per year.
    Your $40 buys three memberships:  Longmont Republican Women, National Federation of Republican Women, and Colorado Federation of Republican Women.
  • Associate Membership: $10 per year.

Our Objectives

Longmont Republican Women (LRW), an affiliate of the Colorado Federation of Republican Women (CFRW), adheres to the objectives of the CFRW:

  • To foster and encourage loyalty to the Republican Party and to the principles for which it stands;
  • To promote an informed membership and electorate through political education and activity;
  • To increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through political involvement;
  • To facilitate cooperation among the CFRW, the NFRW, the Republican Women Units and the Republican Party organization(s);
  • To work for the election of Republican Party nominees; and
  • To assure the neutrality of CFRW elected officers and club presidents who shall not support nor oppose any candidate in a Republican Primary or intra-party race.

For more details please see the LRW Standing Rules and Bylaws (pdf), CFRW objectives (pdf) and NFRW bylaws (pdf).