“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent” - Thomas Jefferson

It’s such a crucial time . . . .You are concerned . . . but you haven’t done political volunteering before . . . and you may not have much time . . . Here are 12 EASY WAYS to pitch in!!

  1. Make sure that you are registered to vote and your registration information is correct! Go to the COLORADO Secretary of State website and check your registration by following the instructions. 
  2. Encourage Your Friends and Neighbors to register to vote.
  3. Attend our monthly meeting.
  4. Take founding principles classes in person or online.
  5. Place a yard sign in your yard or a poster in your window – and persuade others to do so. Yard signs are often the only affordable advertising for candidates – help these folks out by helping them get their name out!
  6. Volunteer to walk with or for a candidate.
  7. Hold a neighborhood coffee or ice cream social for a candidate – effective for both apartments and neighborhoods – try a meet and greet for your block or a candidate fund-raiser social for Republicans in your neighborhood. The Candidate’s Campaign or your District Captain can give you tips.
  8. Work a couple of hours at the Phone Bank – You can do this from home. Just contact the Candidate’s Campaign or your District Captain to get set up.
  9. Distribute literature for a couple of blocks – contact Candidate’s Campaign or your District Captain—lots of help will be needed distributing literature in September.
  10. Join the True The Vote– work a few hours from home and help ensure election integrity. True The Vote will provide you with free training.
  11. VOTE THE ENTIRE REPUBLICAN TICKET – We need our entire team if we are going to turn this country around!
  12. DONATE – to your local candidate or to Longmont Republican Women – $25 to a candidate or $5 a month to Longmont Republican Women will go a long way to help.