Actively Empowering Women

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Mailyn Salabarria

Wednesday, March 15th at 6:00PM

Collision Brewing Company & Restaurant
1436 Skyway Dr
Longmont, CO 80504

Our Mission

Actively Empowering...

women to boldly uphold and conserve female voices in government.


live with conviction and to speak freely about conservative values.

Positively Engaging...

members of the Longmont community through community service.

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For $50/year, LRW Members Gain Access To:

• Events including Monthly Meetings with guest speakers

• Membership in the CFRW and NFRW

• Voting rights, including for officers, expenditures, and action plans

To join LRW, there are only three requirements:

• You hold conservative values

• Endorse the bylaws and objectives of the LRW, CFRW, and NFRW

• Pay full membership dues to LRW, CFRW, and NFRW

Are you a full member of another Republican Women Club or a gentleman who wishes to support and participate in LRW club activities? You can become an Associate Member for just $10/year!

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