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KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! As we go forward, we must reject the far-left socialist movement to silence free speech and differing opinions. Below are examples of other alternative news and social media sources to help you stay informed and unbiased by mainstream media. Examples of new social media and internet free speech supporters:

PARLER Mewe • Rumble • Duckduckgo – Private search engine that does not track and sell your personal data • Brave – another private, secure search engine. • Signal – encrypted messaging service • Telegram – another secure and uncensored messaging service

NON-Mainstream media news sources:
Citizens Free Press • The Epoch TimesOne America News Network (OANN)Newsmax TVThe Daily Wire (includes Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, and more)Zerohedge  • NTD NewsAmerican Liberty ReportPrager University Videos

Local information/local leadership news publications:
The Lundberg Report • Colorado Taxpayer • The Independence Institute • Colorado Freedom ForceThe Kim Monson ShowThe Deborah Flora Show New Items of Interest45 Office Official Trump WebsiteThe National PulseInstapundit.comDon Surber Blogger

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